Monday, December 28, 2009

[LOVE AT 2PM PROJECT] #2: 1:59 Charity Show

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We, Malaysia fans club of 2PM (a rising 7-members Korean K-POP group) is launching a charity fund titled “Love at 2PM”. Our second project for this fund after T-shirt selling is a charity show titled as "1:59 Charity Show" will be hold on 30th January 2010, supported and venue sponsored by Korea Plaza (Korean Tourism Organization), time to be confirm soon.

This charity show aim to raise fund for “House of Joy” - a social concern and a non-profit charitable home for the under-privileged ones. The concert will have performances by our club members, also special performances by other Hallyu Fans Club (KPOP fans club) and invited guests. We estimate there will be approximately 200-250 people attending this concert including medias and fans.

It will be a 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours show, performances by our own MYHottests, members of other fans club, and etc, to raise fund for House of Joy (

Please note that we will also send a copy of our posters and event report to 2PM/JYP Entertainment, Korean medias and international KPOP online medias.

This is a non-profit project, so we have to make sure that everything is low-budget and we definitely need sponsors to make this project successful.

We need sponsorship for below items:

- Vouchers/ products for our lucky draw prizes or,
- food catering for 50-100 pax or,
- merchandises as a give-out to our guests or,
- event flyers/banners printing or,
- direct cash sponsorship for our event preparation cost like decorations etc or,
- direct cash sponsorship to our fund.

In addition to the vast recognition to the sponsors/sponsor's company, we will attach their company logo on our event posters , banners, tickets, flyers; and also make sure all our event guests will receive their company name cards/promotion flyers.

To those who are interested in sponsoring us, please email us at

We would appreciate if everyone can spread the word around, and help us to find more sponsorships to make this event successful.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

[BDAY PROJECT] Taec-Su-Ho Birthday!

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Meanwhile, for those who can't attend, don't worry, you can still join our Taec-Su-Ho's Birthday project! :)


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