Sunday, May 23, 2010

[CONTEST] Win 2PM The 3rd Single Don't Stop Can't Stop CD!

Hi MyHottest,

We’re giving away ONE copy of 2PM The 3rd Single Don’t Stop Can’t Stop to a lucky MyHottest 2PM forum member!!!

Since there is only one CD to give away (we wish we could give out more T_T), here’s how you can win the CD!!

1. The contest will run from 24th May until 29th May 2010 and you can enter by answering a series of questions that will be released daily.
2. There will be a total of SIX (6) questions altogether. We will release one question per day from 24th May 2010 (Monday)
3. Each of the questions will be posted either on the forum, our Facebook group page or our blog. So be alert! We will give out the clues of where to find the questions on our Twitter!
4. Each question will expire at the end of the day, so be sure not to miss it!
5. You have to collect ALL questions published and only send the answers to us on the last day of the contest by sending them to:
6. The FIRST member to send in and answer all 6 questions correctly will be named the winner
7. Please read the Rules before entering the contest. Thanks.

1. All members and Staff of MyHottest Forum are allowed to enter. Only MyHottest Admins are not allowed to join the contest. However, this contest is open to our forumers who reside in Malaysia (West Malaysia included) only. This is to avoid overseas postal charges.
2. Members must have at least 25 post counts in MyHottest Forum to qualify themselves to join the contest. No spamming please. (Yes, we will check your username ^_^)
3. The answers must be sent only on the last day of the contest. Any answers received before the date will not be entertained.
4. The daily question will be taken down at the end of the day and will not be published again elsewhere. However, we have no restriction if you want to publish the questions anywhere else on your own.
5. Winners will be determined by the correct answers to all 6 questions. In any event that there’s a tie between contestants, the winner will be picked according to the date of the email received. In other words, the FIRST member to send in and answer all 6 questions correctly will be named the winner.
6. The prize is not exchangeable for cash.

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