Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[ANNOUNCEMENT] MYHottest2PM Surprise Event for 2PM

Put your hands up if you're ready for 2PM in Malaysia! Remember about our 3rd Project which is a surprise project of 2PM? It's basically going to take place towards the end of the concert during the ending of their 'Thank You' performance.

In case you don't know, Thank You is a song that is specially dedicated for Hottest by 2PM and brings a special meaning. We'd like to leave an impact during this special song by showing a special gesture!

At the end of Thank You, the audience (that's all of us!) will blow bubbles in the air and we will have floating bubbles filling up the stadium!^^. We believe it will leave an impact for 2PM by showing how awesome Malaysian fans are with this memorable surprise event.


As this is a large-scale project, we need your help to make this successful and memorable! in order to do so, please be reminded of the following instructions:

1. When they are singing Thank You, there will be confetti throughout the song. The exact point that we will start blowing bubbles is at the very end of the song. *Cue: the last adlib line of Thank You is Junsu's "Oh...baby" this is when we can start blowing the bubbles*

2. We will be distributing a total of 1000 bottles of bubble water bottles to some of the audience in various sections. Do NOT bring your own bubble water, the security will not allow you to bring it in.
*The bottles will be given out randomly inside the venue and priority is given to those who are at the front part of every section (Rockpit / VVIP / VIP / Free Seating)

3. Please note that you are to blow the bubbles ONLY during the exact point stated above. Not to be used at any other time before that.

4. No littering. Please keep clean and avoid from getting the bubble water spilled out. The water is soapy and might cause the floor to be slippery.

5. This surprise event is approved by JYPE themselves and they have given the trust for us to deliver this project well. Let's show our support and please follow the rules accordingly!

Let's do this Hottest!! Malaysia Boleh!

P/S: This is how the bottle looks like!!^^

[YT-Real 2PM] NEPA CF making film part2

Sunday, November 20, 2011

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Postage & Collection of T-Shirts, Lightsticks, Fanpacks and Tickets

Postage & Collection of T-Shirts, Lightsticks, Fanpacks and Tickets

i) For those who opted for Self Collection (Pick-Up)

25 November 2011

Around the main entrance area (to be confirmed again later)

Starts at 11:00am until 5:00pm only

- For concert tickets: Tickets are to be collected by ONLY the owner of the tickets (who sent it the order with us). No collection of concert tickets on behalf of the owners.

- For fanpacks & T-shirt and Lightsticks: Collection on behalf of other people is allowed. However, we won't be responsible for any damage or loss after collection have been made.

ii) For those who opted for Postage

T-shirts & Lighsticks
- Due to some problems, some of the parcels have been returned back to us and did not reach the buyers. It is a bit too late to post out the items right now, especially to those who are planning to use it on the concert day.
- Please come and pick up your stuff from us on the concert day (refer notes above on pickup method) and we will return your postage fee. We're really sorry for the inconvenience.

All fanpacks by mail will be posted AFTER 25th November 2011

Any question or inquiry? Please reply in this thread. Thanks^^

[INFO] Direction Guide to Stadium Negara using public transport

Annyeong Hottest! We've made a complete direction guide to Stadium Negara using public transport, from KL Sentral / Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) / Putrajaya Sentral.


Hope it helps! ^^

Friday, November 18, 2011

[INFO] 2PM Hands Up Tour In Malaysia Fan Chant

Here are the latest fan chant done by junkaystreet XD
Let's practice and chant out loud during 2PM Hands Up Tour in Malaysia this 'November Twenny Fiff' (Nov 25th)! ^^

Sunday, November 6, 2011

[YT-Real 2PM] NEPA CF making film