Saturday, September 26, 2009


Dear all Malaysian Hottests!

We need volunteers and people to join our FLASH MOB next Sunday!
URGENT! We need like at least 20 Hottests to join us!


Let's put a smile on the boys face again!


This will be a damn fun project, you never wanna miss the fun!!!

R @ MYHottest 2PM

Friday, September 25, 2009

[GATHERING] MY Hottest 2PM 2nd Meeting

Hello MYHottests!

We're here with our second meeting! Yes, yes, time is running, we need to meet up and finish the stuff! Anyway, here's the details for our meeting tomorrow, anyone who can join us, do text me!

Date: 26th September 2009 Saturday
Time: 11AM - 2PM (or maybe later like 3PM, depends)
Venue: KLCC Food Court

What do you have to bring:
- A4 size letters for Jay and 2PM, up to you to decorate and write encouraging messages for them. Bring as many as u can write/decorate.
- Any gifts/cards that you want to send to Jay and 2PM.
- Scissors and glue, and if possible print some 2PM's photos.

What are we going to do:
- Collect everyone's letters
- Sign petitions
- Do at least 2 placards/banner for Jay and 2PM and took a photo outside KLCC Twin Tower

For more information:

do check out our mini drama project -

R @ MYHottest 2PM

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Dear all Hottests!

Finally our forum is ready! Join our forum and get to know more MY Hottests at:

Note: if you've problem with staying logged into the forum, please note that you log in with the URL "" instead of Just take away the "www".

Meanwhile this blog will only update if we have any important notice to post and announce, including our launch of projects, gatherings, statement, and etc.

Do check out our forum for more goodies of 2PM.

Together we unite and create a stronger 2PM fan base at Malaysia!


R @ MY Hottest 2PM

Monday, September 21, 2009

[YT-PROJECT] We Want Park Jae Beom

Finally I finished editing the video and uploaded it to Youtube!

Title: We Want Park Jae Beom
Music: "Wating for You" courtesy from Eco. (THANKS FOR THE GREAT SONG! ^^)

I would like to thanks all Hottests who sent us their UCC photos, thanks so much for making this project possible! Thanks to 7Hottests (Indonesia Hottests), UK Hottests, US Hottests, France Hottests, Aussie Hottests and not to forget our very own MYHOTTESTS! Love y'all and let us keep on fighting for Jay!

We will send a copy of this video to JYPE together with our petitions, booklet and boards!

p/s: feel free to spread this video around, hopefully one day Jay will happen to click on this video and saw our love for him from Malaysia and Indonesia! :)

R @ imafighterforjaypark/MY HOTTEST 2PM

Sunday, September 20, 2009

[GATHERING] MY Hottest 2PM First Meeting - PHOTOS!

Hey all,
First of all, sorry for this late post that I promise to post yesterday, as I was busy finalizing the four A2 boards! Here's some pictures I got in my camera and note, most that I took were videos, so we need to wait for CY's to send me more photos and I shall post it later on k! :-)

Anyway, I would like to say a big thank you to those who came, and even to those who send us messages even they couldn't be there. We really had a good time and I'm so happy that you guys came to help out! Yeah, we're all fighters for Jay and 2PM! Keep on Fighting! :)

p/s: Click on the thumbnails and photos for a larger view.

And now, here's some pictures of our final art work of the meeting!
We did a booklet, and inside there are...
Messages/Letters from MY Hottests to our beloved one and only leadja, Jay...
and not to forget for the other six 2PM boys as well, at this time, we need to show them our support too! And lastly inside the booklet, we got some messages to JYPE too...
(p/s: thanks to CY for gathering so many MY Hottests' petitions!)

Besides the booklet, we also did four A2 supporting boards for Jay!
board no.1 - the "7 - 1 = 0" board, where all of us wrote some messages for Jay!
board no.2 - "WE WANT JAY BACK!"
board no.3 - "IT'S CONSPIRACY!"
(p/s: thanks to CY for writing the Korean word for us! haha! and I redecorate it becos the previous board is slightly too plain!)

and last but not least, the POST-ITS messages from the wall we did on our meeting, I kept all and paste it on a board too..
board no.4 - the "POST-ITS" board (front)
board no.4 - the "POST-ITS" board (back)

Again and again, I would like to say a big thank you to those who contributed to this project and meeting! Really appreciate it! And to my Muslims Hottests who celebrate Raya, I even thankful to you guys who spend your time here even though you guys need to be at home and prepare for the New Year! THANKS! :)

And meanwhile, I will start editing the videos tomorrow, so anyone who still want to submit their UCC photos, please do so by tonight k! And those who still want to email me your petitions, yes, please do so too!

Lastly, feel free to grab these photos and post it on other website, spread us around so that more MY Hottests will know about us and join our big family! :)


p/s: will update again when I sent all these to JYPE! :)



Saturday, September 19, 2009

[ANNOUNCEMENT] MYHottest2PM on Facebook

Join us on Facebook!

MY Hottest 2PM (2PM Malaysia Hottest Fans Club)


p/s: will update yesterday meeting later by today! stay tuned! :-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

[YT-MISC] Waiting For You - by 2PM Jaebum's Fan

Kudos to Eco0606 for the original video and the above subbed version from Time2Sub2.

[GATHERING] MY Hottest 2PM First Meeting - TODAY!

Dear all MY Hottests!

After JYP releases the statement yesterday, we received some emails asking us if today's meeting will still be carry on? Oh dear, definitely YES!

We will never stop doing our projects, until Jay come back! 2PM and Jay need our supports now! They really need us to give them more confidence!

Anyway, to those who still want to join us, come drop by at Korea Plaza, Menara Hap Seng at 2PM later. We're going to do some stuff to be send to Jay, JYPE and also 2PM! :-)

Side note, I will meet some Hottests at Monorail Raja Chulan at 1.30PM and we will walk to Korea Plaza from there, so anyone who wanna meet us there can simply just text me - 0166117971.

p/s: Meanwhile, we are going to have a very different and meaningful project, coming soon! Stay tuned! :-)

Follow us on Twitter.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

[INFO] JYP's STATEMENT "2PM will continue with 6 members"

I talked to JYPE staffs, 2PM members, and Jaebeom about our future plans. First of all, although many people have sent their encouraging words to Jaebeom, he hasn’t changed his mind; thinking he made a huge mistake. He said that he is still very sorry and too ashamed to be on the stage. He also told me that since other 2PM members have worked so hard, they should not be affected by this in any negative ways. That’s why he left 2PM so quickly.

I think the same way as Jaebeom. The reason why I didn't stop him from leaving is because I thought whether Jay being in 2PM or not now won’t be that big deal when you look at his life as a whole. Some think 4 years of his hard working has been destroyed, but his skills that were built up in 4 years are still remained in his body.

If Jaebeom receives a chance to grow up and become more mature by this incident, he will be able to fly even further later on. As criticism against Jay was way too harsh, requesting to revoke Jay's resignation is asking for too much as well. It’s my role to respect his opinion wanting to have his time alone apart from the stage, and help him later when he says he wants to be on the stage again.

I think you should give him supports by then. Again, I apologize for not being able to manage and protect him well. We'll try our best to not make this happen again

Thank you again,
2PM will continue their schedule with 6 members as it was planned

Credit:, Coordinator:

[INFO] International 2PM Fan Union

Dear All,
This is the International Fan Union official statement, the joint statement with all the International 2PM fans club. Please look through.

Click for larger view.

Meanwhile, MY HOTTEST 2PM - Malaysia 2PM Hottest Fans Club, which the name is not in the list, but we're still officially in Fan Union. We informed Fan Union after the admin did this statement, so it's too late for them to put our website and name on it. However, IMAFIGHTERFORJAYPARK, our sister site, will represent us as well.

admin @ MY HOTTEST 2PM

[GATHERING] MY Hottest 2PM First Meeting

Dear all MYHottests,

Finally I'm here to update you guys about our chosen venue and date for the meeting!
Most of you guys vote for KL area on Friday afternoon, so our after some discussion, our final decisions are:

Date: 18th Septemeber 2009 (Friday)
Time: 2PM - 4PM
(may end earlier or later)
Venue: Korea Plaza, Menara Hap Seng

19th Floor, Menara Hap Seng,
Letter Box No. 81,
Jalan P. Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
CLICK HERE for the map.
p/s: As what I've been told, the nearest Monorail stop to Menara Hap Seng is Jalan Chulan Station. Just walk down towards Ruums/Nuovo, Menara Hap Seng is the white building behind Mercedez Benz + Smart cars dealership, across the road to Ruums/Nuovo.

For those who cannot make it to this meeting but really want to help out, yes you can! Send me yours and your friend's photos for the UCC photos project, we need it for the videos! And also email me your petition for the petition booklet! And we actually need donators to fund us for our projects and the newspaper ads project, email me for further details.

For those who can make it but hesitating because you're coming alone, don't worry, please come, I might go alone too, we got each other! :D

And, for those who are coming, please email me and let me know how many of you and your friends are coming, so I shall estimate and prepare the petitions, boards & stuff.
Things to bring/to do for those who are joining:
  • colour pencils/markers/glue/scissors
  • any other decorative tools you can bring
  • 2PM posters, photos, CDs/albums or any related stuff to 2PM
  • whatever words/messages/things you want to say and show Jay and 2PM, cos don't forget we will record some videos!
  • wear BLACK on that day, unify colour, BLACK! :)
Please print some Jay/2PM photos to decorate our boards! I will print as much photos as I can too. And guys, do suggest to me what we can do other than these, your ideas are most welcome!

So, anyone who want and confirm can join, please email us your name and HP number to ASAP, because I need to prepare the boards and print petition forms and stuff. You're allow to bring friends, just tell me the total number of Hottests attending! :)

Lastly, please help me spread this notice around! We need to have more people join this event, at least 10-15 I hope!


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Dear all Hottests,

MY Hottest 2PM is 2PM's, a seven-member boy band from Seoul, South Korea, Malaysia fans club. 2PM's fans are called as HOTTEST, and therefore as a Malaysia Hottests, we called ourselves as MYHOTTESTS. :)

MY Hottest 2PM founded on September 12th, 2009 when our admin thinks that Malaysia Hottests are not united enough, hence think that we need to gather everyone in order to create a stronger 2PM fan base in Malaysia.

On the 4th day after we release the announcement of this club, there are more than 80 MYHottests contacted us, and we believe there will be more after this club been introduced to more local Hottests!

So to all MY Hottests, come on and join us now, we need to create a stronger base so that one day 2PM can come to Malaysia and perform too!

How to join us?
Just email us your details:
  • Name
  • Email
  • HP Number
  • Location/State

Link Us
Copy these codes and paste it on your blog/forum! :)

HTML CODE for blogs and websites

CSS CODE for forums

Well that's all about us, email us if you want to know anything, don't hesitate to email us, we are glad to help you as much as we can.

Admin of MY Hottest 2PM.