Thursday, September 17, 2009

[INFO] International 2PM Fan Union

Dear All,
This is the International Fan Union official statement, the joint statement with all the International 2PM fans club. Please look through.

Click for larger view.

Meanwhile, MY HOTTEST 2PM - Malaysia 2PM Hottest Fans Club, which the name is not in the list, but we're still officially in Fan Union. We informed Fan Union after the admin did this statement, so it's too late for them to put our website and name on it. However, IMAFIGHTERFORJAYPARK, our sister site, will represent us as well.

admin @ MY HOTTEST 2PM

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Minnie said...

I'm so glad people are not just merely "waiting" for Jay. JYP isn't doing anything to bring Jay back. Have you heard what has happened to SunMi of WG? and other so many groups in the past who were produced by JYP, they all went through this. JYP wraps himself up as a real brother and a friend but he's just a heartless boss who only sees youngester as money. ** INTERNATIONAL HOTTEST Korean Hottest are also doing their best to boycott. We need to send clearer and stronger message to JYP to bring our Jay baby back!!

Everyone's effort is so greatly appreciated!

January 26, 2010 at 1:00 PM

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