Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[YT-MISC] Learn the "I'll Be Back" Shuffle Dance with 2PM

credit: sarangmango3 @ YT

[YT-MV] 2PM - "I'll Be Back" (Dance Version)

credit: sarangmango @YT

Monday, October 11, 2010

[YT-MV] 2PM "I'll Be Back" from Still 2:00pm

Source: 2PM Official YT Channel

Sunday, October 10, 2010

[PRE-ORDER] STILL 2:00PM (iHottest Connection Album Buying Union), Deadline: Wednesday, 13/10/2010, 11.59PM

Hello guys,

We have decided to join the international union for iHottest called "iHottest Connection Album Buying Union" for the purpose of buying 2PM's 1st Mini Album.

This union is formed by USA I AM HOTTEST for us to show a united effort as the international fandom for 2PM. Under this union, we have other Hottest fanclubs from different countries getting involved. We'd like to take part on behalf of Malaysian Hottest as we are able to show what impact iHottest can do. We are going to make purchases of the CD from a Korean music store where all sales contribute directly into the Korean music charts. Thus will boost 2PM's Mini Album sales, and the best thing is - we have our part in it!

At the moment we're still gathering the final details on the exact price/ how to order, etc. We will release the info once we have it.

We know this might take a while but we do hope that everyone will join this project by ordering from us and we can show the power of international fans. We will update accordingly and we really appreciate your patience. Let's do this right, guys!

Please spread the words, thanks! ^^


My Hottest 2PM is now accepting pre-orders for STILL 2:00PM for Malaysian Hottests.

Price: RM45 (Album + Poster)

Please be informed, we are roughly estimate the cost of the album including the tax. Hopefully it can cover the tax and the price is NOT inclusive of the shipping cost to you! Once we have received the albums, we will let you know more about the shipping. We might NOT charge the shipping if RM45 can cover the whole thing! The more order we get, the cheaper the price can be. We will refund if there's any balance!

All the orders and payments have to be made latest by WEDNESDAY (13th Oct 2010), 11.59pm. We have decided to open the pre-order for few days only, as we hope this first batch order will be counted for the first week of music shows.

The order for the first batch has been closed. Any new order will be forwarded to the 2nd batch, where the order will be placed on 27th October 2010

All payment will be made to our My Hottest 2PM's Maybank account! The info will be given through email, when you place your order.

Email us the order to with the subject [ORDER] STILL 2PM with this info:
Full Name:
Phone Number:
Feel free to post your questions by commenting below :D

iHottestConnection - Album Buying Union :

For immediate updates, please visit our forum

Saturday, October 9, 2010

[YT-TEASER] 2PM Comeback Teasers for 1st Mini Album

[Teaser 1] 2PM Teaser Video "Still 2:00PM"

[Teaser 2] 2PM Teaser Video_"I'll be back"

Friday, October 1, 2010

[YT-Real 2PM] 2PM in Taiwan 3