Sunday, December 4, 2011

[INFO] 2012 Calendar by Offogato

One of Malaysian Hottest is taking order for this item. So we can share and save on the shipping cost! ^^

Item: 2012 Calendar by Offogato (click HERE for preview & more info)
Specification: Double-side desk calendar | Size 6x8" | Photos from Offogato from 2009-2011
Free Gift: Magnet + pocket calendar (first come first serve)
Price: 4 USD ~ RM12 (without shipping fee to Malaysia)
Price + Shipping: 8 USD ~ RM24
Shipment: Will be ready by mid-December
How to buy: You may order this calendar from atone! Order has to be made latest by next Sunday 11th Dec 2011. Do mention her on twitter (@atone_) or e-mail her at ( for more info. ORDER IS CLOSED !!

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