Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[PRE-ORDER] 2PM - ‎Masquerade (Japanese Single)


Date of Release: 14 November 2012

2OD's Mottainai Project (in collaboration with 2Oneday)
For this buying project, we are opening another option where we can order pre-owned CDs of this single with discounted price. These pre-owned CDs are the extra copies gathered by our Japanese Hottest friends. They will buy a lot of these CDs to collect the cards for High-5 event with 2PM during the promotional period of Masquerade. So these are the extra CDs that they have will be sold with discounted price.

The CDs will be shipped to Malaysia after the High-5 event has ended, where Japanese Hottest will collect the CDs among themselves and send it to countries that participate in this Project. It is estimated the they will send out the CDs by 10 December 2012.

The CDs are in good conditions, most likely untouched, only missing the individual cards. This is the chance for us to own Japanese single CDs with lower price and at the same time boost the sales so let's do our best to support them under this project! :)

Please give a lot of love and support to this project by ordering HERE <--- click click click~^^

Pre-order of 2PM Masquerade (New Copies)
However, if you would like to order new copies, with normal prices. However, we only take order for Version A and B only. Please head to this page: PRE-ORDER: 2PM Masquerade (New Copy)

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