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Donation Deadline: 10 June 2013

As we all know, 2PM will be having a concert in Seoul from 21 - 22 June 2013. To celebrate & cheer for 2PM's upcoming concert all the way from Malaysia, MYH2PM is glad to inform that we'll be launching a project to donate a RICE WREATH.

'Rice Wreath Donation' is not a new things among K-fansites. But. this will be the first time MYH2PM will be taking part to show that we're cheering for 2PM all the way from Malaysia, and at the same time, we'll be doing a good deed.

What is 'Rice Wreath Donation'?
- The Rice Wreath is sent to cheer for singer and actor in musicals, concerts, showcases, fan meeting, drama press conference, birthday parties, weddings and celebrations that appeared on.
- Singer and actor will specify poor neighbors, and the rice will be donated to poor neighbors by the name of 2PM after the event.
- The Rice Wreath is a cheering for the singer and actor and is a gift to help farmers and poor neighbors.

RM1,000(We know it sounds a big amount, but since this will be the 1st time for us to be organising this project, let's all out & set a big target. With RM1,000 we can donate up to 100kg of rice.)

Below are the steps how you can make donation

1. We accept any amount of donation but we will not entertain any of request to return the balance. So, kindly bank-in us the exact amount that you want to donate.

2. Payment can be made via:
Wan Nazarina Wan Mohamad Noor (MyHottest 2PM Webmaster)CIMB Account: 1435-0064243-52-8


[*IMPORTANT: Please tick 'PAYMENT OWED' under Personal Payment (paypal fees are to be charged to the payment sender)]

3. Please email your donation payslip to with the email's subject [RICE] FULL NAME/USERNAME

4. The last date for you to make a donation is 10 June 2013.

[!!!] UPDATE (4/6/2013)
With the support from Malaysian Hottest, we've reached our RM1,000 goal ^^ Thank you to all the kind hearted donors. To show our appreciation, all donors will receive a complimentary gift from us (Check your email ^^)

Although we've reached our goal, we'll still accept donation till 10 June 2013. The bigger the amount, the more we can donate to the unfortunate. Your full support is much appreciated.

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