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[INFO] List of Fangoods/Merchandise by Korean Fansites

Here is the compilation of fangoods and merchandise and the information on items' details and contact persons. Most of these items are custom made by the fansites and only available once a year (limited items), they are not available for purchase outside the ordering period.

Buying in a group can help save the shipping cost, which makes the item cheaper (per unit). So if you are interested, it is better to buy together than buying alone (one unit).

Please note the following:
1. For items details and preview, kindly click on the links provided.
2. Any question on the items or shipping details, please refer to the Contact Persons
3. The prices stated are only the prices of the items, they are not inclusive of shipping cost yet. The shipping cost will be determined by how many units purchased. Please refer to the Contact Persons for more info
4. Malaysians only =]



1. 2PM Fanart Calendar 2013 by GNAWKHUN
      Price: 1 calendar  = RM45 (exclusive shipping)
      Payment Due Date: until 15th Nov 2012
      Contact: @yuneade


1. NO ♥ JUN.K Wall Calendar + MINI PHOTOBOOK

      Price: 1 set  = RM116 (inclusive shipping & paypal fee)
      Payment Due Date: 10th Nov 2012

      Contact: @NOLOVExARIN or @atone_

      Price: 1 calendar = RM156 (inclusiv shipping)
      Payment Due Date: 20th Nov 2012
      Contact: @atone_


1. Heartkhun Goods
         i. Photobook + Calendar + DVD (Heart Set)
        ii. Photobook only
      Link: (click on Sale+Preview)
      Price: 1 heart set = RM123 (exclusive shipping)
                1 photobook = RM76
      Payment Due Date: 1st Nov 2012
      Contact: @Timah_fz


1. 2013 OKTAECYEON Diary
      Price: 1 calendar = RM48 (exclusive shipping)
      Payment Due Date: 15th Nov 2012
      Contact: @LumosNY


- all orders are already CLOSED -


1. Beside Junho 2013 Desk Calendar
      Price: 1 calendar = RM48 (exclusive shipping)
      Payment Due Date: 15th Nov 2012
      Contact: @nemomo_


1.  Chanlanket & Cape by SweetChansung
      Link: (Click on PREVIEW)
      Price : 1 Chanlanket = RM65 (exclusive shipping)
                 1 Cape = RM85 (exclusive shipping)   
      Payment Due Date : 2nd Nov 2012
      Contact: @ar3knee

2. 2013 Chanlendar by SweetChansung
    Link: (Click on PREVIEW)
    Price : 1 Chanlander = RM35 (exclusive shipping)
    Payment Due Date : 15th Nov 2012
    Contact: @ar3knee

3. CS slogan by CS-Union
    Link: (English notice)
    Price : 1 CS slogan = RM50 (exclusive shipping)
    Payment Due Date : 17th Dec 2012
    Contact: @ar3knee

More fangoods info will be included on this page as they come =]

last updated: 02/11/2012

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